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Saturday, July 24, 2004


Wecome Back! I know you like that...

Long time no see!

I followed by boy O-Dub's advice and actually landed a job writing for a (meager) living.

That's cool, but it's kind of like being a vegetarian eating at McDonald's all the time...not really what I want.

Let's eat, shall we?

Masta Ace is retiring to cultivate his M3 Record label.  

MC Eiht (Experienced In Hard Thumping) was a year or two away from the "where are they now?" discussion as a permanent resident. (Where is Spice 1?) MC Eiht, I always want to put that "g" in there, recently got a new label and a solo album on the way. I made that sound like "he just got married and got a baby on the way"...

Main Flow is back at it in a solo style and fashion. The album Hip-Hopulation is dropping towards the end of next month. While you're at, check out the fact that Lil' Mo is signing to Cash Money! Move over Hot Boys (Turk and BG excluded), here come Hot Girl!

Excuse me for a second as I get international. Nana King, married to Nana Queen, is going back to his Hip-Hop roots with the new Wanted Death or Alive album. (Have you ever heard of Ras Diddy? Sounds interesting...)

Let me be the first to say: They (the powers that be) are setting up Tim McGraw like they did Elvis. Y'all remember that country song that NWA did way back when? Well, they trying to get the hip-hop/country precedent to Tim McGraw for his tour. The nerve!

Holler atcha boy. Hip-Hop Blogs are here to stay. Hip Hip News at its finest!

Hip-Hop, but it's "hip" related... Durex has been appointed official supplier of condoms and lubricants for the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, this year. (Next year, KY Jelly might sponsor a little something, something...)

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