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Saturday, June 12, 2004


This is my 100th post!

I haven't been on the scene for a while because...who cares? I'm back with a vengence.

I know y'all ain't ready for this website.
It's called Music Plasma. It's "the musical visual search engine", and it does wild things with ANY band name you put into it.

Hit me back and let me know of some of the wild connections it has made. I've spent hours going through it.

(Guess your number is wild, too.)

These fake Pimp Cups should get you "pimp-smacked up"...

And you thought it was only a cuss word. And don't tell me not to go there, unless you have been...(Not Work Safe, until you fully understand what's going on.)

Is J-Lo Hip-Hop since she did that song with Jah Rule? What about the one with R. Kelly? Well, here are the Jennifer Lopez (or is it Jennifer Anthony?) Mark Anthony wedding pictures.

In one last note, here is a web-page that highlights albums that have come under heavy censorship. Hip-Hop is definitely represented with NWA, Ice Cube, Ice-T (Body Count), 2 Live Crew, and the Coup.

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