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Friday, May 07, 2004


News Brief

Y'all won't see it coming, and I won't get the credit for predicting it, but... One day across the pond, Hova is going to be Knighted like Elton John . (Feelin' that rhyme, ain'tcha! He can use it if he wants to, I got more...)

I wish I got feedback like this on the things I post. But then again, maybe I don't...

Haven't most of us grown out of our Source/XXL/Rap Pages magazine reading days? Described by its Editor-In-Chief (sounds threatening, don't it?) as being "the Hip-Hop Newsweek", this new mag might be right up our Ave.

You go to a club, you hear shots, unfortunately someone dies, the club closes and opens under a new name. (Repeat.) It's kind of sad that I'm becoming more and more desensitized by this, but I feel like violence in Hip-Hop is the reflection of its environment and not the other way around.

Like father, like son... Gives a whole new meaning to "spitting image".

See... The auto industry is about to attempt to take the fun out of pimpin' your ride. (Does that make your ride a ho? Hmmm.)

Hip-Hop from the "Dirty, Dirty" is finally getting a proper documentary. (I just hope they wearing clean draws.)
posted by joey  # 5/07/2004 08:44:00 PM

Thursday, May 06, 2004


Here is some more weird stuff I've come across...

I love to see the influence that Hip-Hop and Black people have on what you can find on the internet. With that being the case, here is some links of interest:

Did you know Dave Chappelle has a skate-boarding video game? It's called Skate Bored. I couldn't get it to work, so I don't know how good it is...

This Michael Jackson Soundboard is hilarious. What's even more funny is the fact that someone used it to do prank calls!

You all know what happens when a person who beat-boxes and the other person plays the harmonica, right? Click here to find out!

Here's another Human Beat Box. It's 6 minutes long, but the last two minutes is worth it!

Who said they wanted some Mashups? Oh... Well, here are some anyway.
1) 'A SLIM McSHADY' Eminem / Wings Without Me / Silly Love Songs.
2) 'TURN OUT THE LIGHT SLAVE AND GIMME SOME RHYTHM' Nelly Furtado / Grace Jones Turn Out The Light / Slave To The Rhythm
3) 'GIRLS DON'T STOP TIL THEY GET ENOUGH' The Beach Boys / Michael Jackson California Girls / Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
(spotted at Go Home Productions)

Check out this flash music video for The Coup's song Ride The Fence. (spotted at Black Moustache)

Just what I wanted for Christmas: The Beastie Boys Action Figures!

Got any friends who think they got lyrical skills, but really don't? Point them to the Rhymerator...

What do you get when you mix Super Mario with "booty music"? Mack Daddy Mario is something you have to see for yourself...

He's from the East Coast, Faaaaar East Coast. Check out these Y2Khai videos by this "One Loc'ed Out Asian".

The next time you feel a little "outside of the rap circles", read these "proper translations" to get a better understanding of the rap songs you listen to. (spotted at Something Awful)

Y'all remember Sho Nuff from that movie with Bruce Lee Roy? Well, this isn't exactly him, but it's funny anyway.

Here's a parody of Ludacriss' song "Stand Up" entitled "Fall Down" by 50 Bent.

Check out this 2Pac album cover by Gregory Manchess. It's from a series called "The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were". 100 of the "greatest" artists produce album covers for their favorite artists. Here one for Snoop by Larry Vigon. See the entire gallery by clicking here.

Check out this flash video for Schooly D's song "Hoochie" .

And last, but not does he do it?
posted by joey  # 5/06/2004 11:55:00 AM

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Finally some Hip-Hop News in my neck of the woods...

Young Buck is seriously putting Nashville on the map. Everybody might not be proud of that fact, but Straight Outta Cahville is going to blow simply because of the recognition the 50 Cent/G Unit machine generates. Hopefully Young Buck's lyrical prowess will carry this outing to its own destiny.

Well, Young Buck did his video shoot in the part of Nashville the locals call, "Out South". (As opposed to "Out North".) [Note: I hope this is the only time you see Young Buck's picture next to Janet Reno's. In any other setting, it would spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E!]

I heard on the radio that Young Buck was doing a Video Shoot Afterparty/Lloyd Banks Birthday Party at the Boots Reverb club on Nashville's Printers Alley. It was talked about in context of the fact that gun violence (two hours after G Unit left) left one dead and another wounded. A guy got tossed out of the club earlier that night and came back to shoot the dude he was arguing with. Although it had nothing to do with the parties, it got linked and actually caused the owner to not want to have another R&B (of all things!) event there. Sad, but true.

What tripped me out was the radio personality saying things to the effect of, "Why y'all have to do that at Buck's party? He was nice enough to bring some famous people to Nasville, and y'all thank him like this? That's wrong! If you got beef, either leave it at home or stay home!" I'm thinking, "Like the people who would do something like this are listening and taking heed. Like people don't get shot in the hood everyday. G Unit wasn't even around, and it had nothing to do with them anyway. Basicly, the problem is much deeper than this isolated event, so address that or shut up."

What's your take on this situation or one like this?
posted by joey  # 5/05/2004 10:07:00 AM

Snoop's got a new Hip-Hop Boxing Game coming out!

Yes, you've heard it right.

Sony Pictures Mobile is developing a boxing game where Snoop is the main opponent. Picture Mike Tyson's Punch Out with Snoop as Tyson.

With a neck as long and as skinny as his, I can't really see him being a formidable boxer. But if True Crimes is any indication, you don't stand a chance.

(Full story here.)
posted by joey  # 5/05/2004 04:10:00 AM

Sick humor at its sickest...

This website is so into itself, it's almost believable:

MC Hawking's Crib.

At least I hope this dude isn't into rap. Once you learn a little more about Stephen Hawking, you'll see what I mean...
posted by joey  # 5/05/2004 04:07:00 AM


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