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Thursday, April 29, 2004


What's up with Snickers?

Every since Snickers came out with an Snickers Almond, I've been dying to buy a King Size Snickers Almond!

But noooooo. . .they want to make a King Size Snicker Hazelnut! What? Who is Hazel? And why would I eat her nuts?! (Seriously though, I've never seen the regular sized one in the stores, let alone the King Size one.)

Man, I'm P-Oed! Back to the Hip-Hop related links! (Makes me want to go and have a Snickers Cocktail, or something...)
posted by joey  # 4/29/2004 04:11:00 PM

Kanye West "2 Words Video

Check it out!

Is it hot or not?
posted by joey  # 4/29/2004 02:11:00 PM

This is F-U-N-N-Y!

The Lil Jon Soundboard, as narrated by David Chappelle. (Spotted at Pop Life)
posted by joey  # 4/29/2004 12:23:00 PM

Okaaaaay, so Rakim

got arrested at the Ghostface Concert on something about child support...

Did y'all forget about this?
posted by joey  # 4/29/2004 10:06:00 AM

Michael Jackson and children is one issue, but...

Michael Jackson's Thriller video and Legos is a different kind of funny...

Does this Lego version do the classic original justice? You decide!

While you're at it...check out Lego Lario Land.

(Spotted at Legos Goes To Hollywood)
posted by joey  # 4/29/2004 09:19:00 AM

Your favorite fighting game characters do a cover of...

Hey Ya by Andre 3000! (Spotted at Global Conspiracy)

It's a classic!
posted by joey  # 4/29/2004 09:12:00 AM

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Watch this video...

Jadakiss featuring Nate Dogg, "Time's Up". (Spotted at Rap Dirt)

Is it hot or not?
posted by joey  # 4/28/2004 11:10:00 AM

Whatcha really know 'bout the Durty Soooouth!

You have to read Hick-Hop: Hip-Hop Meets the Hollow to truly understand songs by Delivery and The Kuntry Killaz like: Hillbilly Gangstas, Country Boys Can't Survive (obviously inspired by 2Pac), and the ubiquitous Pimpin' On Pennies.

But if you want to keep it really real, listen to Untitled and Untitled 2 collabos by renowned mountain music fiddler Dirk Powell and Virginia Hip-Hop artist DanjaMowf (here's a piece of his lyrical flow). I'm feeling those two untitled joints! Now that's durty, durty...

(Spotted at the NPR website)
posted by joey  # 4/28/2004 10:13:00 AM

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Check out the X Plastaz: Representing the Massai from Tanzania, Africa.

In an attempt to broaden you Hip-Hop horizons, I'm going to feature some more African Hip-Hop in this post.

This go around check out Tazanian Hip-Hoppers X Plastaz. This six member collective in comprised of three brothers, a traditional swahili singer, and two younger siblings. They are representing Massai Hip-Hop to the fullest!

Msimu kwa msimu is their latest video. (Real Player or Windows Media Player)

Aha! is a close as you can get to traditional Massai culture without going there! Peep the storyline in this video. (Real Player)

Ushanta reached the top of Tanzanian video charts back in January 2003. (DSL or Modem)

Bamiza is a song recorded live in '97 that later became a video in 2000. Rough rugged and raw!

I want to also take a listen to two songs that are a product of an exchange program that span Tanzania (X Plastas) to South Africa (Mr Devious & EJ) to Holland (2Tall & Skate the Great). Bicoastal? Try International!

Y'all aint ready for Day in the Life!

Then I gotta hit you with the Round Table!

In the U.S., rappers from more rural areas tend to emulate the city rappers' bling-bling, and few of the mainstream rappers from the big cities (NY, LA, CHI, ATL, etc.) got enough bling for everybody. What I like about international Hip-Hop is that most of it is still used for social commentary. Kind of like The Message back in the day, many international hip-hoppers are telling it how they see it.
posted by joey  # 4/27/2004 01:03:00 PM

Sunday, April 25, 2004


A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

First off, read Professa RAP's Working Hip-Hop Chronology compiled by Russell A. Potter, Ph.D. It's an interesting time-line because is shows the progression of African-American music from 1920 to 1993. Sure there is much more to our music than what's in the time line, but it's an interesting read none-the-less. I wish it would continue after 1993 because it makes it look like Hip-Hop stopped progressing after Dre's Chronic album-maybe it did... After you read it, take this quiz:

1) What year did Afrika Bambaataa DJ his first party? Where was it?

2) What year was the first black-owned radio station founded? What was it's name? Who founded it?

3) Who were "The Prisonaires"?

4) Name the artists and song that became the first west coast rap on wax.

5) How does "the Signifying Monkey" bridge the gap between ancient African storytelling and Hip-Hop?

Hip-Hop is more than a fad, it is a culmination of African-American cultural history and is influenced by much more than just "Black people". From the early recordings of blues to the emergence of Jamaican musical styles to the improvements and changes of technology to the people who dared to bend the rules, Hip-Hop is a musical phenomenon that will hopefully look at it's current state of disarray as a learning experience. (Spotted at

Next, it's great to be young and/or old enough to appreciate these Hip-Hop Icons do what they do best. (Spotted at Global Hip-Hop)

Here's an interesting read about how Hip-Hop Entrepreneurs can't stop, won't stop. It's one thing to loaf on somebody else's job, but when it's your own creation, you got to do it big. Check out what they said about Devin Lazerine of (Spotted at Entrepreneur Magazine)

Here is another web page that about Hip-Hop history. It's more focused on the culture and aspects of Hip-Hop than its place in American History. No quiz this time... (Spotted at JahSonic. There's an interesting blog there, too.)

Too bad this is what you get when you mix Philly's 76ers with one of my favorite music genres: "Hip Hop". The doo-rag makes this mascot offically comical to me. Maybe it's just me over-rationalizing, but shouldn't a hare (rabbit) be able to dunk without a trampoline? I couldn't talk about Philly's mascots without mentioning the Philly Phanatic, now could I? (Spotted at
posted by joey  # 4/25/2004 03:12:00 PM


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