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Thursday, April 08, 2004


You know you gangsta when you buy your kids the...

Gangsta Rap Coloring Book.

Aye Jay Morano owns(?) Janky Industries and produced this coloring book featuring 18 pages featuring Snoop, Eazy E, and Schooly D, among others.

Yes, you can get it at

He's also made a connect-the-dots book for Indie Rock.

Deep. (spotted at:
posted by joey  # 4/08/2004 11:43:00 AM

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Riddle me this... Paris Hilton Does Hip-Hop?

Update (4-07-04): I noticed a lot of people were coming to this site from google by searching "gizzelle won g" and similar searches: "won g featuring gizzelle", "paris hilton in hip hop video", etc., etc.

So I started wondering: "Exactly who is this Gizzelle chick?" Her name is actually "Gizelle" (with one "z"), and she had a hit single last year called"Falling for You". I've never heard it. Here is another (bad) picture of what she looks like...

Here is the original post, already in progress:

I had some major insomnia last night, so I happened to catch something that didn't seem real at first.

On BET Uncut, which I didn't know came on on Friday mornings, featured a video by this wack rapper named Won-G featuring this funny-looking singer named Gizzelle.

What threw me for a loop is the fact that the main video ho was none other than Paris Hilton! I mean she in it trying to dance, and look sexy, and... whatever she does. He even got to lay in the bed with her and put his hand on her ass!

If anybody could get me some more information on this video, it would be greatly appreciated. If dude don't blow up on this, he simply wasted her time...

Which makes me wonder: Why was she in this video? Did she owe him a favor? Did she lose a bet? Does he have a bribe hanging over her head? Hmmm... I say that because I'm prety sure that she could have been in any prominent artist's video in any genre of music with the controversy and notoriety she has following her now.

(This dude beat me to blogging about it, and there's also a mention of this coupling here.)

posted by joey  # 4/07/2004 10:00:00 PM

Jay-Z vs. Prince: Stop Playing!

I know you've been anxiously following my Jay-Z remix posts, right?

Jay-Z is one the best who ever did it, and Prince. (What?)

Somebody has pulled something together for the Jay-Z fans who like Prince and the Prince fans who like Jay-Z and those fans who love them both.

The Purple Album.

I you love me, and I know you do, please answer these three questions for me:

1) Who did this?

2) What songs did they use for the different mixes?

3) Why do you say you love me and then play with my emotions like this? (Humor, people... Have a sense of one...)

Holla back!
posted by joey  # 4/07/2004 08:02:00 PM

Sunday, April 04, 2004


Random Hip-Hop Memory: Half-Baked Conspiracy Theory - The Show Lyrics

Do you remember when Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew came out with The Show in '85?

Of course you do... Well on the way in to work tonight I had an unexplained flashback. *the scene blurs into the flashback*

I was about 11 and it was the summer of '86. (We still get music late in the South!) I was at my grandmother's house in Winona, MS with about 5 or 6 of my cousins. The two oldest ones were about 15-16, and they were in a heated discussion with the rest of us. I'm going to call them John and James to protect the ignorant. Here is an exerpt of our conversation already in progress:

John: Yeah, y'all shouldn't be listenin' to dat song!
James: Yeah, it's duh Devuh's music! Dey worshippin' da Devuhhh!
John: See, dat song is 'bout how dey got fed up wit' God 'n went straight into de arms of de Devil...
James: *wide-eyed with his neck poked out* Dey sold their souls to da Devuhhh!
(Everybody's getting spooked.)
John: Let me tell 'em, let me tell 'em now! You see, money is de root of all e-vuh...
James: Yup! *still wide-eyed*
John: *focusing on individuals* When you get a whole buncha money like dat, what happens?
(Everybody searching for answers.)
James: You spend it!
John: *focusing on individuals* 'N what else?
(Everybody's looking around searching for answers.)
James: You get pussy!
(Everybody's scrambling ready to run out the room!)
John: Boy! Where Grandma at? Maaaan, how you gonna say dat out loud like dat?!
James: *blank expression*
John: Anyway... You end up wantin' more and more. But God isn't 'bout worldly possessions. Dat's when de Devuh come and-
James: *pointing his finger* Snatch y-
John: Shut up! Snatch you up wit' him. See, y'all know how they be like, "Oh, oh, oh my GOD! Did you get it? Oh, oh, oh my GOD! Did you get it?", right? (Everybody knodding.) Well, dat's dem askin' God for riches. 'N when God didn't provide dat to dem, dey went straight to de Devuhhh!
(Everybody spooked again.)
James: 'N den dey-
John: *punching James in the shoulder* Dang, James! You done said enough now! Anyway, y'all heard dat man say, "6 minutes, 6 minutes, 6 minutes Doug E. Fresh you're on", right? (Everybody like, "Yeah...") Well, that's 6-6-6 the mark o' da Devuhhh! That's how they sliiiiid dat in dere!

I heard dat, I mean that, before I actually had the chance to break down the song. But back then all you had to say was "The Devil" in the right tone of voice and everybody would be shook. It's like when we used to scared of Bloody Mary. (When was the last time you said that three times in front of a mirror with the lights off? You still scared...)

Anybody else got overheard some stupid conspriacy theories about Hip-Hop? Drop me a comment.
posted by joey  # 4/04/2004 05:30:00 PM


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