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Friday, April 02, 2004


50 Cent vs. 50 Shekel (Yes, you read it right...)

Roughly a year ago in blogger days I posted something about the MC Hammer impersonating MC Kommier. If you missed it, please do yourself a favor and check out these two posts.

Well, 50 Cent might be a little shook by this 50 Shekel guy. I mean, I've never heard 50 try to dis him or anything... I can see the mixtape now: G-Unit vs. Jew-Unit, Kings of New York.

50 Shekel felt he needed to continue the legacy of 2 Live Crew's counterparts, you guessed it, the 2 Live Jews.

Once you see a live performance of "In the Shul" (56k or DSL), you'll understand why 50 Cent doesn't have the heart to dis him...

Simply put, this boychick is a mensh whose shpiel is more than shmooze. His shtick is a mitzvah to his chevra that makes his Jew-Unit move like when they shuckle to the daven in the shul.
posted by joey  # 4/02/2004 07:52:00 PM

Have you heard of Bastard Pop?

I was trolling around the Tofu Hut and noticed something that sounded interesting: The 50 Cent/Devo "Whipsta". It's what you get when you mix 50 Cent's Wansta with Devo's Whip It. Listen to it and try to imagine 50 Cent dressed like Devo with some glasses with tape on the bridge of the nose doing the stiffest rendition of Wansta. That would have made him a wanksta!

That got my curiosity juices flowing, so I took a trip to the DinBot blog...

He's part of a remix culture that makes music called: bootlegs, mashups, or bastard pop. You know, take a accapella from here and an instrumental from there and wallah. Wired magazine breaks it down for you in this article.

Here's another one that I hated to love: Bathroom Grammar. Imagine, if you will, Nelly rapping the lyrics to Country Grammar while the English Beat back him with the Mirror In The Bathroom instrumental. I tried not to like it, really I did...really. I can see the video now. Nelly running through the Australian Outback while the English Beat is hunting him down in a beat-up Jeep. He runs up on his aboriginal crew and everybody rocks out by the fire in the middle of the night... Yeah...

Oh! I got some Bastard Pop videos for you, too! (Yaaaaay!) Check out Fool's Gold (From the Block). Light on the L.O.X, heavy on the J-Lo and Rock (I'm not familiar with the band). It's a wild orgy with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck providing the visuals, L.O.X. with the support, and that rock band doing what they do best... If this came on MTV back in the day, I would have been on it!

Update: Ian at Notes from a Different Kitchen provided me with this info:

"The band is the Stones Roses, a much beloved psychadelic britpop band at the nexus of the madchester, "baggy" indie rock-acid house music explosion in early 90's Britain." (Joey Pinkney: I had to read this a few times to soak all that in! Damn!)

"The band imploded after protracted legal problems with their record label and the disappointment that followed the release of their long-delayed and higly anticipated sophomore album." (Joey Pinkney: explode is to "blowing up" as implode is to ___?)

Then there's Take Me Out (For a Milkshake). Once again, I'm not up on my rock like I used to be when I watched MTV in the early '80s, but we all know Kelis. Kinda creepy... I wonder what Nas has to say about her moonlighting?

Speaking of creepy... You know how bad dreams have a way of bringing a lot of bad stuff from your memory together?

Videos courtesy of Thriftshop XL.
posted by joey  # 4/02/2004 02:37:00 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house...

Y'all remember my post about that short video clip called Tokyo Breakfast?

Well, I didn't know David Chappelle had something very similar to Tokyo Breakfast in one of the episodes of the David Chappelle Show. (I should have known, though...)

It's a skit called The Niggar Family.

Tokyo Breafast is like a Toyota Camry to The Niggar Family's Lexus ES300. Same concept, one is "more refined" than the other one. I say that because David Chappelle incorporated more irony and satire into the humor of his clip.

But there is one thing that is said about comedy: it is funny when there is a foundation of truth in it... And I'll just leave that at that.

posted by joey  # 3/30/2004 09:30:00 PM

Sunday, March 28, 2004


Japanese Hip Hop: Revisited

I've learned a lot about Hip Hop as it relates to Japan, but I'm sure there's plenty more to learn. Maybe I'll get to go there one day...who knows?

Anyway, I've found a lot of additional information about Hip Hop in Japan that you might find interesting.

Some guy named Kozo Okumra has compiled a tremendous amount of information on Japanese Hip Hop that is easily accessible to English speaking Americans. He looks at the history in terms of dancing. It hasn't been updated since '97, but it's still a good study.

In a previous post, I was talking about how Hip Hop started with the showing of the movie Wild Style. Okumra goes a little further back in time and explains how "soul dancing" (introduced by shows like Soul Train in the '70s) primed Japan for the urban street culture being produced by African-Americans. Then came the movie, Flashdance, which had some Hip Hop Dance elements. So by the time Wild Style came out, the Japanese youth were already hungry in what was happening.

He also explains that the Japanese youth had a hard time understanding what was being said by Hip Hop artists, and they began to emulate what they saw. That would explain this. has a feature on J-Hop that is pretty interesting. It gives the history on Hip Hop artists in Japan such as DJ Krush, DJ Kensei, DJ Honda, De La Ken, DJ Beat and the Illimatic Buddha MC's. It focuses on two of Japan's top DJs: DJ Krush and DJ Honda. Here's a DJ Krush Interview.

Alecia McKenzie wrote an interesting article on how record labels have caught wind of the popularity of Hip Hop in Japan and are staking their claims on some of Japan's prominent artists. She mentions the jazz influenced Loop Junktion, "Japan's Missy Elliot" Ai, and Rip Slyme (the first to go platinum in Japan in that genre).

The Sample Kings has a collection of pictures from their foray out East of which these are my two favorite **not safe for work**. (I know, I know, that's not Hip Hop, but OUCH!)

Curtis Harmin wrote an article entitled Japanese Hip-Hop that answered a question that I had. Are there any Black People in Japan doing Hip Hop? Harmin talks about the first Black-owned club called CLEOS that sounds like a description of every Hip Hop club I've been to-except for the fact it's in Tokyo... Sex, fights, and Hip Hop. What a mix. This club created a divide in the Japanese Hip Hop community because the locals couldn't handle the rawness (if you let Harmin tell it).

Here's a DJ Curtis Harmin interview. (So that's how you get to DJ in Japan...I'm jealous!)

Key-Kool is like a correspondant giving an in-dept on-the-scene-view of what's happening in Japan's Hip Hop community.

All articles came from here.

When I read this article, I thought that the same could be said of suburbanites of any color here in the U.S. You know the deal, got all the Hip Hop gear and no knowledge of Hip Hop's origins...

Have you ever heard of Osric University ("Where a student becomes a scholar"). It is "a unique non-accredited degree-granting institution that conducts nearly all courses via the internet". Why did I mention it? Because it offers a class in Japanese Hip Hop Studies, of course!

And last, but not least, we all know that Pimpin Ain't Easy, but for 16,000 yen (under $152!), it can be...
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