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Thursday, March 18, 2004


Tell me this video clip isn't real!

I'm serious!

I would think that Rakim Allah was on crack, but...when a crackhead's teeth bling, they are encrusted with what he call "butter" in the hood! (I counted them for you, he said man 29 times!)

You know how that guy on bum fights got "BUMFIGHTS" tattooed on his forehead? Rakim got his mouth grilled out by that company.

Is he still God Body, or is he Gold Body?

I thought the dentist I wrote about was a shock to my system! How did pull this one off?! They got Rakim hostage!

FREE RA-KIM! FREE RA-KIM! (Who got the shirts?)

(He probably hasn't did that album because of this hostage thing...Dre? You got the dough, pay them suckas!)
posted by joey  # 3/18/2004 05:18:00 PM

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Did somebody say, "Where can I find a record deal?"

I came across this site called "NY Where You At .com" that may (and most likely will not) get you that deal you know you deserve.

Your problem:
You can't get your product to the right people...

Their solution:
Send them your wack-I mean-banging tracks and 1) they will let you know where you stand, 2) they will shop you if they think they can profit-I mean-get you signed...

Feedback time:
Only 4-6 weeks...

Your cost:
3 songs, your best picture, and $10 ($5 for producers)...
(plus 2% of whatever deal you happen to get)

Every 6 months you might be one of 12 MCs that will get to be on there $5 mixtape (actually $4.95 or $11.95 outside the US)!

Before you trip up on your untied Tims strings you should know:
1) you should copyright your work before you give it out to people and
2) hustling your music for money works a lot better than getting hustled for your music and your money.

If anyone gets signed like this, let me know. I'm not saying that it can't done, I'm just a little skeptical.

Even Da Band got hustled...and they were on national TV! Remember when they were sitting in that room about to smack Sara for not signing their life away-I mean-that contract quick enough?
posted by joey  # 3/17/2004 01:18:00 PM

This can't be real...

As you go through the site, you almost wonder, "Why do people go this far in cracking jokes on Black people and their gold teeth?"

The Gold & Diamonds link damn near made me mad because I know people who kind of look like some of these cartoons.

Then the Photos link had picture that looked like somebody went to the club and took pictures in front of a cartoon brick background and a carboard cut out of some white dude. (Why is my man cutting a cake?!)

(I got down to the bottom of that page and thought, "They got some Master P stuff on it, too. This is funny!)

I started thinking, "They threw the Links page to really make it seem real."

The Location page looked like something off of Jay Leno...

I learned something new today at the Travel page: The John Wayne Airport!

I started thinking, "These guys are too old to be pulling off a prank like this. This must be their dads or something..."

I started laughing at the woman with one leg bigger than the other on the Additional Services page...

"This can't be real..." That's what I said as I was laughing to my self until I saw the link the read: "Please click here to visit the main - Cunning Dental Web Site"

Hold up!

That was real and so is this guy! So is his office! (scroll down)

There are 9 dentists in Montclair, California. He's one...

(spotted at: d/blog right about here)
posted by joey  # 3/17/2004 11:13:00 AM

Monday, March 15, 2004


The 213 is back in effect!

Before the 562 area code in Long Beach, CA, was "the 562", it was "the 213".

Before Snoop, Warren G (not the former president), and Nate Dogg became famous in their own rights, they were "the 213".

Now they are getting back together to reform the group and release an album on TVT entitled "The Hard Way". (That's a throw back the the Blackploitation movie Three the Hard Way.)

Is this a sign that all of their careers are on a down-swing?
posted by joey  # 3/15/2004 09:27:00 AM

Ruff Ryder's Jin featuring Kanye West called 'I Gota Love'

Just click on the title link and take a peep at the new Jin/Kanye banger. (Holla-Front Forum by way of Rapdirt)

I haven't heard it yet. I'm still at work.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment (or two).
posted by joey  # 3/15/2004 08:42:00 AM

Don't call it a Comeback...for Pharcyde.

Pharcyde is coming back. This time around it's only a duo - Imani Wilcox and Romye "Brown" Robinson. Derrick "Fatlip" Stewart and Tre "Slimkid" Hardson left to pursue solo careers. (They're doing an OakTown 357 with the line up. Remember Juicy Gotcha Crazy?)

Along with growth comes change, so don't expect the new album, "Humbolt Beginnings", to be like any of the previous offerings.

Somethings telling me this isn't going to take the world by storm like when they came out with Passing Me By... (article courtesy of Summit Daily News)
posted by joey  # 3/15/2004 04:45:00 AM

Sunday, March 14, 2004


Have you heard these songs?

I like hearing stuff everybody isn't up on. I call it the "OHD Factor" (the On His/Her Dick Factor).

Now, let me define the term I've created for something many people experience. The OHD Factor is based on a ratio: how much you like a song/artist divided by how many other people like that same song/artists.

When the factor is high, you up on something everybody around you isn't. That makes you like that song/artist even more. At this point the ratio is considered to be high.

Once too many people, or even the wrong person, also likes that same artists the ratio starts to get low. No, not Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz low. Low as in "out of whack". It is at this point too many people are On His/Her Dick!

Let me share a few songs with you while the OHD factor is still high for me. Why, you may ask, are you sharing this to me? Good question. Short answer: Sharing goes with the territory of being a blogger.

My first selection will be from a rapper known as Rezenebe Nhoj. (That's John Ebenezer spelled backwards...yeah.) He got this song called Suge Shot Pac. (courtesy of SoundClick) I like it because of what he saying and his flow. Plus it's nice and short...

Next up is this dude, Fokissed. I'm going to tell you like this: Any dude that can pull off sounding like 50 Cent, Snoop, and L.L. is pretty impressive. I thought it was funny that, for a white guy, he didn't pull of Eminem very well. Check out You Must Be Mistaken by clicking here. (courtesy of SoundClick)

No, these are not Hip Hop classics, but I like the creativity.
posted by joey  # 3/14/2004 07:12:00 PM


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