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Saturday, March 13, 2004


Good point, Snoop...

I'll step out on a limb and say that Snoop summed up the sentiment of most Black actors/actresses and ALL rappers with the first sentence of this article:

"Snoop Dogg says a rapper knows he's made it as an actor when he's alive at the end of the picture." (Canada's National Post)

We all know how the Black characters always manage to die within the first 15-20 minutes of a movie.

Along with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, Snoop is going to be Huggy Bear in the new Starsky & Hutch movie.

Has anybody died quicker than Q-Tip in Poetic Justice.
posted by joey  # 3/13/2004 11:06:00 AM

Not your average Hip Hop event...

Hip-Hop Against Racist War is a newly formed group of Hip Hop activists in Durham, NC.

Their purpose is to use Hip Hop to expose the hidden agendas behind warfare.

They are holding a festival in downtown Durham at the Blue Coffee Company "featuring a cypher lounge, a DJ showcase, breakdancing, an open mike and other local and regional acts, including Grupo Capoeira Brasil".

This festival is a part of a series of events leading up to the World Still Says No to War rally and march near Fort Bragg in Fayetteville.

It's not many times where media coverage is given to the non-violent, yet activist nature of Hip Hop. The most you hear about "North Cakalaka" is "born and raised up, pull your shirt off..." (you know the rest).
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Thursday, March 11, 2004


A proud moment in the life of Intellectual Hip Hop Commentary...

I don't know how long this will last (especially since I'm conceited enough to post it), but...

I am the only page that pops up when you put this into

Stacey Dash's dress + Kanye West video

Don't hate, Congratulate!

Sex in the Rap City

No, Free still hasn't put that whip appeal on AJ! (Free like, "Shiiiiiii...")

[WARNING!! These links may or may not be appropriate to open while at work, while around your children/spouse/parents, or people who are prone to read behind your shoulder! The Adult links have been marked with a ***]

There has been a lot of intercourse between Hip Hop and Porn lately. I'm just here to flesh it out...

Lil' Jon and the East Side Boyz ***signed a deal with Video Team to produce "Lil' Jon and the East Side Boyz American Sex Series."

"The fresh music brings people who are primarily fans of hip-hop to the adult genre," said ***Christian Mann, president of ***Video Team. (That can't be his real name! Ha!)

50 Cent was at the ***Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. He was ***promoting the deal him and G-Unit and ***Digital Sin inked for the interactive CD Groupie Luv that will allow the viewer to select partners, sexual positions, camera angles, even the dispositions of the women ("naughty" or "nice").

Then there's the new Hip Hop/Porn magazine ***Fish 'n' Grits which is like the love-child of The Source and ***Black Tail.

Did somebody say ***Playboy TV? They have several Hip Hop/Porn shows in the oven.

The first to come was ***Buckwild back in January. To quote the article in this posts' title-link: "The show features mainstream stars like OutKast, Snoop Dogg, Nelly and Busta Rhymes cavorting with a frisky troupe of women called ***the Buckwild Girls, who seem to fall out of their clothes whenever a camera approaches."

The Undisputed DoggFather of Hip Hop/Porn is...(damn, I gave that one away didn't I?)...none other than "the Snoop".

His ***Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle was the best selling porno in 2001 AND the first porno to ever make the Billboard music video sales chart.

The sequel, ***Snoop Dogg's Hustlaz: Diary of a Pimp, became the best selling porno of 2003.

In the words of his pimp-I mean business partner-Larry Flynt (of the ***Hustler empire): "It's been very lucrative for Snoop and us." (I bet it has Larry...I bet it has.)

My question is: Who's really the Pimp, the Player, the Hustler...the industry or the rapper? (It definitely is not the "actresses".)

I've been sitting on this post for a couple of day, but I need to drop it before it gets too old. Hip Hop Logic has a post that points out how well's post dissects the real Hip Hop/Porn connection (plus it has some great comments).

If you have been away from civilization for the past 25 year you need to...

Check out the new 4 CD release by Hip-O Records/UMe, The Hip Hop Box. (release date: 4-20-04)

This article by Rap News Direct breaks down everything about the CD from the essays included in the CD to history of compiling the songs for the CD to who's going to be on each of the CDs.

Hip-O Records also released The Funk Box in 2000 and The Reggae Box in 2001.

50 Cent: Lesbians Up, Gay Men Down!

An MTV article spilled the beans in the 50 Cent/Playboy Magazine article in the April issue coming out tomorrow, March, 12, 2004.

He surprises no one with his sincere opinions on homosexuality:

Gay men, no! Gay women, yes!

The shocker is him admitting that his late mother is bisexual.

Not shocking in the sense of, "Oh noooo!" Shocking in the sense of, "For real?!"

Hip Hop Cops: Guilty until proven innocent...

The Media has finally admitted what Hip Hop insiders have known for years - Hip Hop Cops keep their eye on rappers. (MSNBC article)

The officers of Miami and Miami Beach claim they are protecting rappers from what happened to Tupac and Biggie. (from Mr. Blunt) Rappers and critics know that this is simply racism by another name...

Hip Hop artists such as P. Diddy, DMX, Ja Rule and 50 Cent are under heavy surveillance. To quote the MSNBC article: "Officers in Miami and Miami Beach have photographed rappers and their entourages at Miami International Airport and staked out hotels, video shoots and nightclubs, amassing 6-inch-thick dossiers on rappers and their associates with arrest records in New York state."

Nova Southeastern University law professor and constitutional law expert Bruce Rogow is quoted as saying, "This kind of conduct shows insensitivity to constitutional limitations. It also implicates racial stereotyping."

Former Fat Boys member Prince Markie D hosts a Hip Hop radio show in South Florida's 103.5 FM.

His statement sums it up the best: "There's only a small percentage of rappers that have been involved in criminal activity," Markie D said. "If a police officer is patrolling the neighborhood, making sure everything is safe, that's one thing; but if they're sitting outside your house, just assuming, that's a problem. I don't break any laws and I don't expect them to look at me like I'm gonna break a law."

I got a feeling this will get worse before it gets better.

In related news, Peter Berg is producing and directing a movie about Hip Hop Cops. (from Peter Berg did "The Rundown" and "The Great White Hype". Hip-Hop Cop's writer, Eric Eason, had this to say about the making of the movie: ""Everybody involved is off the record, because if they reveal themselves, they'll put themselves in the position of possibly losing their jobs. It definitely encompasses the hip-hop world, but it gets into the NYPD and City Hall."

What do you think about the concept of Hip Hop Cops - the movie or the actual police officers?

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Bear with me...Part II: MC Hammer vs. MC Kommier

(Tell me that title wouldn't make for an interesting mix tape?!)

My boy Damien from the VatoBlog sent me a link of this page translated into this page.

Although the translation is terrible, you get to see the similarities of the two album covers side by side. (What's the funniest line in the translation?)

There is a comparison of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" to MC Kommier's "KENTAIKI" in a 21 second audio file.

You also get a comparison of MC Hammer's "Here comes the Hammer" to MC Kommier' guessed it..."Here comes the Kommier" in a 22 second audio file! (Make me want to buy the CD. Anybody know how to hook that up?)

Basically, MC Kommier is to MC Hammer as Weird Al Yankovic is to just about every pop artist.

Check this poster out.

I still need somebody to let me know what the social significance of these songs are...

Bear with me...

MC Hammer. (from LAUCH: Music on Yahoo)

We all know his history. (from Iceberg Radio)

We all know his impact on EVERY rapper that came after him in the United States. (Insert joke here.)

Now...I'm not accusing you of buying this album, but there's enough of them floating around that you have seen this album cover before. (from Amazon)

But what in the H - E - Double - Hockey Sticks is this? (from the BLACK blog)

The person who can tell me will get to be a guest blogger and post the explanation on this blog! (I know, it's the chance of a life time...)

Is this as funny to you as it was to me? Leave a comment.

Monday, March 08, 2004


Have you heard of these sites?

This is not the normal subject matter for this blog, but I came across some interesting websites based on the word ghetto fabulous.

Once they caught my attention, they got me curious to the point where I had to speak on them.

I know most people have come across the term "ghetto fabulous". If not, click here while the rest of us continue...

The first site we will visit is:

Have you ever been to (There's also a "Hot or Not?" for blogs.)

Well, is like a "ghetto fabulous" Hot or Not. A perfect blend of pimp suits, video hoes, terrible fashion, and dudes who think they are cute.

You get to vote on whether or not each picture is one of four choices: ghetto, fabulous, ghettofabulous, or none. Then you are told what everyone else voted by percentage. Interesting.

(Holla at me when you see that "pregant prom dress" or the "helicopter hair-do". Damn!)

On a related note, there is also site like called Rap Hunnies where you vote on the videho caliber of different females. You can also comment on individual pictures. (If you want I good laugh check out their "bottom 10 hunnies". Ha!)

Next up is:

It's a Black soap opera set in Harlem updated on guessed it... first and fiftenth of the month.

Started back in 2001 by Timothy "Dise" Thompson, the website was a way for him to tell a story based on his life. (Don't we all live in one soap opera or another?)

Trace magazine gave it a review, and the Source did also.

Right now it's on Episode 40, so you got a lot of catching up to do... But after reading the guestbook, it looks like he hasn't updated it in a while.

(Each episode has its own music, and it scared the hell out me the first time because I wasn't expecting it. Plus I had my speakers turned up way too loud.)

Check them out and let me know what you think.


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