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Friday, February 27, 2004


Q: What is the Red Album? A: Interesting...

Listen for yourself.

This is what I like about Hip Hop. When Jay-Z's record label, Roc-A-Fella, released the accapella of his Black Album, it unleashed a Pandora's Box of producers doing their own versions.

9th Wonder - Black is Back, The 9th Album
Amiri - The Blackprint Album
Bazooka Joe The Silver Album
Beirut - Remix
Cheap Cologne - The Double Black Album (all sounds taken from Metallica's Black Album)
DJ Danger Mouse - The Grey Album (all sounds taken from Beatle's White Album)
DJ Lt. Dan - The Black Remixes (the first link is ill...)
DJ Jesse Jazz - The Black Album 1.5
Illmind - The Black & Tan Album
J. Depina - The Black Album Remixed
Kardinal Offishall & Solitair - The Black Jays Album (this page includes a very insightful review)
Kew Brown - The Brown Album (makes for a more jazzier Jay-Z)
Kno - The White Albulum (banging...simply banging)
Paul Nice - The [Unofficial] Black Album Remix

The Red Album is the effort by a producer known as Il-Khan. His concept was to use the same equipment/samples that the original producers used. Not bad...

However, DJ Danger Mouse received the most attention for his offering, The Grey Albumixest mxes Jay-z's accapellas with relevant samples from the Beatles White Album. Although musically is it getting rave reviews, most of the attention is due to EMI suing Danger Mouse for the Beatle's samples.

This caused Downhill Battle to organize an on-line protest dubbed "Grey Tuesday". On Tuesday, February 24, 2004, about 170 websites hosted the album, and hundreds of others "went grey". EMI sent legal threats to Downhill Battle and the sites who were planning to host the album. Some are saying that the Grey Album got more searches and downloads that artists like 50 Cent and Britney Spears.
posted by joey  # 2/27/2004 01:26:00 PM

I Feel Ya...Cee-Lo

I've been out of the loop as far as Cee-Lo and the break-up of his former group the Goodie Mob. It caught me off guard recently that they have beef with eachother. But I personally understand that not all friends last forever...

As I read this article, I began to better understand Cee-Lo's position on leaving the group. Some people grow, and with growth comes change. It seems like he simply had to leave behind his boys who stayed boys.

There is a real interesting phenomenon developing in Hip Hop. Back in the day, your parents liked one music and you (by default) loved another one. They, naturally, couldn't feel the styles and messages in your music. If you grew up on Hip Hop and have children, you probably find yourself loving the same songs that you don't want your children to listen to/run around singing.

This is where Cee-Lo's point comes in. Now that we have grown up, our music has to also. There's more to life than "clothes, hos, bank rolls, shows, 'Dro, and anything else you can fit in the list with the long 'o' sound".
posted by joey  # 2/27/2004 09:24:00 AM

Eminem Sliced the Big Apple...

and not New York.

You know how those Apple Itunes commercials feature regular people (comically) singing the songs they are listening to on the headpones? Well, Apple Computer Inc. thought it would be cute to feature a 10-year-old boy singing Eminem's "Lose Yourself"...but Eminem (AKA Marshall Bruce Mathers III) didn't.

Eight Mile Style (Eminem's music publisher) filed the copyright infringement suit in U.S. District Court in Detroit against Apple, Viacom Inc., its MTV subsidiary and the TBWA/Chiat/Day advertising agency.

I wonder if the fact that the ads ran in July 2003 but the song didn't get copyrighted until October 2003 will affect the case. Most likely it won't, you got to respect the fact that Eminem wrote the song and thereby owns the song.

I also wonder how Eminem and 50Cent feel about this in relation to that 50Cent P.I.M.P. video where he got the Ipod playing. Remember that? Did you know this factiod about the video?
posted by joey  # 2/27/2004 07:44:00 AM

Monday, February 23, 2004


Nelly almost sank a Casino...

It seems as though Mr. Pimp Juice got more money than casinos can handle.

The President Casino on the Admiral could be charged $50,000 by The Missouri Gaming Commission for allowing Cornell Haynes Jr., AKA Nelly and his eight person entourage onto the casino boat without following proper procedures, gambling with someone else's gaming card, and then getting his own gambling processed and ran through the turnstile as if he just got there.

Nelly was holding a private birthday party last November that was billed as the "most spectacular private birthday party St. Louis has ever seen." Although it was a private party, the public could buy $50 tickets to attend with the proceeds going to local charities.

Although Nelly and his people followed all of the procedures, the casinos personel let him slide on their protocol. Also, Missouri is the only state that has a "loss limit". You can't buy more than $500 every two hours. That's stupid...

But amid all this confusion, can you believe that Nelly did not get in ANY trouble. Wow!
posted by joey  # 2/23/2004 08:51:00 AM


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