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Thursday, February 19, 2004


K-K-Kings of K-K-KrunK-K-K

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

The National Alliance don't want Ludacris, Chingy, nor David Banner in Casper, Wyoming. They are actively protesting a February 21, 2004 concert by handing out over 25,000 flyers. Mystikal was there about a month ago, and the National Alliance are using Mystikal and his current rape conviction and a symbol of the "violent diversity" that is being "forced" in their city.


The mayor is going to let the concert be performed at the Casper Events Center on Saturday, February 21. In the immortal words of Wu-Tang, Protect Ya Neck!

This is what bothers me about situations like this. On the National Alliance website, they have this statement: "While most White Americans and Europeans have lost their racial and cultural moorings and have become mere rootless drifters in a cosmopolitan chaos, our members still know where they came from and what they're a part of."

So you mean to tell me that (not all) White Americans and Europeans can go around the world commiting cultural genocide (you know, raping and/or killing people, stealing land, changing historical facts...), but accuse others of "forcing violent diversity" on anyone.

While the Native American were spending time getting mad at the OutKast for their Grammy's performance (see my previous post on that topic), they should be more active in taking back their land and their culture from people like the National Alliance who "still know where they came from".

So while they say, "Go back to Africa", they should go back to... Oh, they were born here. So was Hip Hop and the artists it spawned.
posted by joey  # 2/19/2004 12:53:00 PM

Is Mamma putting a New Clip in her Gun?

Erykah Badu is pregnant. Ok...that's one of the side effects of sex. Now the rumor floating around is that the D.O.C. is the father. Now I'm not so interested in the child than I am in the effect that Ms. Badu will have on the D.O.C.'s lifestyle.

Andre 3000...turned out.

Common...turned out.

The D.O.C.?

You know, I actually can't say that being turned out is actually a bad thing for these two. They ended up allowing their creativity go in directions that they wouldn't have been able to before the Baduization period in their lives. Not all good, but definitely not all bad-u. (Pun intended.)

Then again, y'all see how she went from being Afro-Centric to "might have to flush the lleyo". Plus, she's getting back to her underground roots. The hunter may now be the hunted! Y'all remember that first D.O.C. album: No One Can Do It Better. Y'all remember track # 1: Beautiful But Deadly.

posted by joey  # 2/19/2004 10:44:00 AM

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Love is Love, Love...

You know how you want/have to get a greeting card for someone, but Hallmark isn't the exact angle you want to take?

Basically, you want something that you don't feel funny giving to someone. Guess what? Coffey Park Greetings is perfect for the "urban" affection that you can't find at Kroger's or in the mall somewhere.

They got something for that Thug Love Jones...male or female.

New mommas? Yes, sir! Need a "Thank You" card? Got that. Oh, you said Birthday card? Yep.

They even got your mamma covered!

posted by joey  # 2/18/2004 05:52:00 PM

If the name fits, Stab It!

I don't fully understand how you get into this situation. Chauncey Hawkins, AKA Loon, just posted $1 mil, AKA $1 hundred thousand, to get out of jail for being somehow involved with the stabbing of a security guard.

Although it is possible that he didn't stab the man, why would you hang out with someone who would stab a dude for being refused entry into a party. That party, or whatever trash the security guard was talking, couldn't have been that crucial. (Then again it was the release party for Lil Jon's adult DVD!)

Don't you get tired of seeing people who "made it" still manage to get arrested, not for driving around with weed and coke, but for rape, murder, or shooting at cops while in the closet doing Heroine?

I do...
posted by joey  # 2/18/2004 01:23:00 PM

Monday, February 16, 2004


Appolo Diablo explains Hip Hop in South Africa

Monametsi Nkhukhu maybe young, but he has the wisdom of men twice his age. This 20-year-old is better known as Apollo Diablo. I alway like to know the significance of names and here is his: there is none, a name is just a name to him. Ok...I'll just let the article break it down for you.

Although he has shared the stage with American Hip Hop artists such as dead prez and Blackalicious, his goal isn't to be an American rapper in Africa. Instead he's infusing Hip Hop with his own perspective on life.

I found it interesting that Hip Hop artists have the same struggles everywhere. For instance, he knows that there is a bigger market for his music in the country South Africa than it is in his native Botswana. But he stays loyal to his home-country. That's the same struggle artists of all genres have herein the U.S. Do I stay at home, or do I move to New York or L.A.? Then you luck up and make it big and your hometown is like, "He ain't from there, he's from here!" And people in the new spot is like, "He ain't from here, I don't know where he's from!" Drama...

Although Dr. Dre's Chronic album introduced him to the game, his strong character kept him in it.

I covered this article to show that the U.S. is not the only place where Hip Hop is striving and thriving...
posted by joey  # 2/16/2004 08:23:00 AM

Sunday, February 15, 2004


Hip Hop Goes to College.

As a get older, I begin to understand what people like Bobby Ray Sanders is talking about.

He is an award winning journalist as well as the Vice President for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. On Feb 5, 2004, he gave a discussion the students and faculty of Seattle University entitled: “Hip-hop and its impact on the African-American community and larger society”.

He had no love for Hip Hop as he deemed it to be "repetitive", "vulgar", and "predictable". I kinda feel him on that one. Lil Jon is the Master P of the new millenium as far as most of his songs sounding the same. My wife had to hip me to the fact that the East Side Boyz are missing in action. Who cares? Lil Jon is to the East Side Boyz like Luke is to the the 2 Live Crew.

I digress..

Sanders went on to show the correlation of modern-day hip hop themes to the '70s Blacksploitation movies: the glorification of drugs and drinking, the objectification of women, excessive violence and anti-police messages. From the outside looking in, he would seem to be 100% correct. However, if you listen to Hip Hop religiously, you see that there are people like: Blackalicious, Common, and others who actually "have something to say". Plus, they try to say it in a creative way.

Although I can't totally agree with Bobby Ray Sanders, I like his angle. He, as a journalist, has an opinion on everything, but he spends the time to do his research. He admitted that he was not an expert on Hip Hop, but most who claim to be aren't...

He also added that, "When the image is stronger than the message, sometimes the image becomes the message." And that's my problem with what's on the radio now, it all is starting to sound the same... In the videos, everybody has to be in throwbacks/platinum/diamonds, drinking something alcoholic, smoking cigars, in front of a vehicle they don't own, with at least 10 videhos (some of whom can't dance)... It's to the point where the videos are more entertaining than the songs could ever be.

posted by joey  # 2/15/2004 06:31:00 PM


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